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March 19, 2008


Wendy L. Kinney

Don, thanks for the link!

Your readers may be interested in a bit of referral technology around this topic.

We each need to be involved in three different types of organizations.
~One that has a broad cross section of the public. [This creates both word-of-mouth, or buzz, and referrals - which are endorsement + action]
~One where every member is a prospect. [Be careful not to sell to these people; find out what is important to them, use that knowledge in marketing scripts, and because you're using their language they will self-select when they need you.]
~One where every member is a GateOpener. [A GateOpener is someone who never does business with you, but who refers to you regularly because your business enhances theirs. A wedding planner is a GateOpener for a photographer. A web designer is a GateOpener for a writer. A Realtor is a GateOpener for a home inspector.]

Refer and prosper - W!

Wendy L. Kinney

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